but let's not make it one... mmmk?
Let's get real. It's SCARY to even think about hiring someone to work for you. About giving someone access to the HOT MESS happening behind the scenes of your biz. 

Your business is your baby and NOBODY can care for it like you do... right?
Download the Planning for Your First Hire Guide + Workbook to get it right, RIGHT AWAY.
This workbook will show you how to....
  • Evaluate what you actually do on a daily basis, and determine where all those hours are actually going so you can see the best tasks to hand over to a new hire.
  •  Pinpoint the money-making tasks that drive your business forward so you can focus only on those tasks, while handing off the mundane, boring stuff to someone else.
  • Determine how to make outsourcing affordable based on what you’re bringing in, so your new hires can start paying for themselves and then some.
  •  Nail down the personality traits that will make this a successful relationship, so you can look back and say, “I don’t know how I ever ran a business without you!”
  •  Craft a winning job description that puts your needs in front of the most cost-effective fit in the least amount of time (because you need help, like, yesterday)
Stop feeling like you're in over your head!
If you can nod along to ANY of these...
You struggle SO HARD trying to fit in everything you want to do or even have to do into every 24 hours...  aaaaand you need sleep, like yesterday.
You're making careless mistakes, hurting relationships, and leaving projects and emails unanswered. All because you're saying yes to everything, with no Plan B in place for when jobs go sideways or take longer than expected.
Your own business is rotting away at the bottom of your priority pile. You give so much of your expertise and energy to your clients... leaving you completely friend when it comes time to bring that same creative passion to your biz.
You just *know* you can hit your sales goals—but only if you can get through the lineup of podcasts on your phone, pinned blogs, and swiped marketing emails... oh and somehow find time to implement all those ideas. 
You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out this scaling thing once and for all, leaving fears about the process behind, and getting your biz a little bit closer to those big milestones.
... then you're ready to grab this workbook!
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